I draw, paint and utilize mixed media in my canvases. I have a fascination with paper and texture, so often I will utilize in my pieces.  Most of the time I have an idea in mind but there are times I start with a blank canvas and have no idea what I'm about to create....eventually a composition evolves as my mind relaxes and is able to connect with my free and creative spirit.  We all have a creative spirit, but I believe it comes out in different ways for different people.

I am constantly taking photos, as I see inspiration all around me.  I recently moved back to the city and even though I am not at the ocean, there is beauty all around me.  We have amazing parks here and the colors of the seasons are just perfect.  From a butterfly, to a deer or soaring bird, a sunrise or a sunset, all so beautiful and full of life and energy.

In the past, I have created paintings and utilized embellishments such as buttons, fabric, and other “household” materials as part of my exploration of what helps to enhance a painting.  As my style evolves, I find myself slowing down the process and really turning each piece into a "study", so that not only am I created a unique one of a kind painting, I am also learning from each one.  That type of experience is priceless.

Gina Toigo - Artistic Heartscapes
Cleveland, OH

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