About Gina…

I am an artist that has spent many years moving toward my passion...as a child I did paint by numbers constantly because I loved the mixing of the paints with a toothpick and watching the color play over the paper.  As an adult, I still find the process magical and beautiful.

A little bit about my experience…
I have been an artist since I was a child, Crayola crayons were my world!  I love the visual arts and have explored several artistic paths; I took art classes in college at Cleveland State University and the Art Academy of San Francisco as well as earned my certification as an Image Consultant at the Image Resource Center of New York.  I continue to grow and take workshops on a consistent basis to help grow as an artist.

My work is primarily whimsical with a dash of free spirit, softness and happy memories..that describes me as a person.   My goal is to create pieces that bring feelings to life for you, the viewer.  If I accomplish that, then I am pleased with my work.  All of my pieces are dear to my heart and each is created with love; an original and unique piece of art and 100% created by hand, no computer software or enhancements.  

Gina Toigo - Artistic Heartscapes
Charleston, SC

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